Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pet Peeves/Sexy Advice: Anticipation

Pet Peeve: Anticipating an event that seems to be taking it's sweet time

See, a little anticipation is good. An example would be the movie "Why Did I Get Married Too." That movie starts tomorrow, so waiting to see it will go by quickly. However, something like my graduation is killing me.

See, the anticipation of an event such as graduating is great, but the longer it takes to come the more bumps are appear in the road. See when bumps appear patience levels tend to drop. When patient levels drop a person such as me starts to get attitudes. When attitudes appear threats start to slip out of a person's mouth. The threats are harmless , but they come across mean because the person has no patience left. After the bumps have appeared, the person has no patience left, they have an attitude, and threats have slipped out of their mouth the person stops caring. Well, they care but they lose the will to work as hard as they've been working to get to the finish line.

Well some people might call the above senioritis, but I don't care. It still pisses me off. 

Sexy Advice: Anticipation of big things to come is a bitch.

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