Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look Like You Give A Damn (Nivea Ad Speaks To Black Men)

"Look Like You Give A Damn"
At least it's wasn't a man with dreads.
Football season is back and the body-advertising brand Nivea is taking advantage of it. In their new ad Nivea tells black men to get rid their their afro's and beards. Apparently someone doesn't find beards and afro's attractive on black men.

While it's all about the shaving cream, someone should have rethought this ad. the natural hair mafia is almost as big and scary as the gay mafia. But then again, is it so bad? Does this ad make you want to tell a black man to shave and get a haircut?

I actually find the clean shaved man sexy. The head in his hand looks like it could be my granddad though (not so hot in my streets). 

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