Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pet Peeve: Did You Write This?

The other day I was over my cousin's house and she asked if I'd written anything new. I'd already told her about my poetry experience last week, so I decided to let her read my poem I'd written. The poem is called "Going Hard" and Jay-Z and Kanye West helped inspire it. She quietly read the poem, which is posted on here, and afterwards told me it was real good. But then she asked the stupidest question. That question was.....

"Did you write this?"

Now why in the Hell would she ask that? If someone wants you to read something they wrote, why would you ask such a stupid question? I'm so lost on this one. She wanted to read it and afterwards said she liked it. Plus this was not her first time reading something of mines. She's visited my blog before and asked if I write everything on it. In fact, I've been asked a million times by people if I write a lot of the stuff that I actually come up with. Now why the Hell would they want to ask that?

The question is not just stupid. It's also disrespectful. When a person asks that question to a writer, they are also stating several things.

You're A Liar
One of those is they don't believe you. They think you're lying about your talents. The poem, letter, or article is too good for you to have written. What would you know about love, sex, politics, work, struggling, etc.? You can create ten more articles or poems in front of them and they still won't believe you. They find your work great, but they find you talentless.

You're Invisible
No matter what you do or how good you are, people will never think you are good enough. When you do show you're good enough, they'll only care for a second. A second? They only notice you for a second and then you become invisible again. It's similar to unknown talented rappers. They get boo'ed for coming out with whack shit. However, if Lil Wayne did that same whack shit he gets lots of love. He's already known, so he matters. You're unknown so your talent doesn't really matter to them, except for a split second. I guess it's kind of like a Jennifer Hudson album.

You're Not Good Enough
"Did You Write This" could also mean you're not good enough. It says "Damn, that girl spent her time just to put that together. She needs to work harder, but I'm not gonna to let her know." This is where that whole haters being motivators comes in. They truly do make you work harder at your craft, but at the same time that saying "Did you write this" still pisses you the hell  off."

Or maybe I should just say it pisses me the hell off. I don't know why people do it. I don't know why people continually repeat that damn question, but they need to stop. "Did you write this?"

If I say "Read what I wrote" then Hell Yeah I wrote it. It's not Rocket science or even algebra. It's simple listening skills.

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