Wednesday, July 9, 2014

16 Year Old's Rape Picture Goes Viral & Twitter Keeps Retweeting

There is a picture of a naked 16 year old on my twitter homepage. At  least that's the first thing I'm greeted to upon arriving home. It's gets more disturbing. In the photo the girl is clearly passed out, still has a shirt on, but is naked from the waist down, and appears to be half laying on a cover and half laying in blood. I'm not going to show you the photo just out of respect for her. The girl's name is Jada and a month ago she was raped.

This girl Jada was raped and one of the people involved in the rape took photos. Either these boys don't know no better or they value their own lives as much as they value the girl's life they are ruining. The person who took the photos uploaded them to twitter and God only knows where else and they quickly went viral. 

This is actually my first sighting of one though, but that's probably because a 19 year old I happen to follow Retweeted the picture along with the story. I'm horrified right now. I'm so horrified I just sent the news link along with a threat to my 17 year old brother who definitely knows better than to get caught up in situations like this. 

What disturbs me even more about this story is I saw it in a Retweet. Instead of trying to catch the criminal/stupid boy that uploaded the photos, the photo is still being Retweeted. Because it's on twitter they're looking at this as entertainment, but this is someone's life. It is pissing me off so much. Of course the teen who Retweeted the picture went on to talk about shallow stuff instead of what she had just seen. How far will it go for these young people to take life seriously? This is not a game. I'm so angry right now. This girl Jada is so brave for telling her story, but people either have to act like they have common sense or learn it. 

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  1. Life isn't serious to a lot of young people and it's sad. Mainly because some parents fail to allow children to be children. Some parents allow their kids to be exposed to things they are not old enough to truly understand thus laughing at something so disturbing. They're so numb to things that are crimes because crimes are glorified on television (assault and drug use most notably). If some parents allowed their kids to have some innocence about their life until they're age-appropriate to understand things then this country would be so much better.