Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Saturation of Strippers In Hip Hop

"I'm in that mood for real." If you've been listening to music over the last 10 to 15 years, you've noticed the slow saturation of the exotic dancers into Hip Hop music.

Well, actually they are simply strippers. They take off their clothes for large and small amounts of money. They're jobs range from real dingy looking places to high-end clubs. The rappers call them exotic because most men fantasize about women all around the world with long flowing hair, big butts, big boobs, and a huge sexual appetite. We all know that most of the strippers men actually see don't have an exotic bone in their body though. Karrine Steffans may have been the fantasy these men were talking about 10 years ago, but not today. The men are horny and most of their songs are referencing that. Hip Hop is full blown strip club life now.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Let the money fall on your face." 
There is always that one song we here and think it can't get much raunchier than this. Then it gets raunchier. A new song comes out and beats out anything that has ever been said before. For me that song is Stripper Bop by a new rapper called Laudie. He'll probably be a one hit wonder or be forgotten by the end of 2014.

"Damn she a bad Bitch. Do the stripper bop Bitch."
Just by the name, you already know what Stripper Bop is about. It leaves nothing to the imagination. This rapper appreciates strippers and that walk that they do. Laudie references how her ass is a miracle and throwing a lot of dollar bills at her. Clearly he's cheap. He also talks about having stripper rolling up blunts, doing tricks, flips, and getting their tuition paid by him.

"So many, so many Bitches. So many, so many bomb Bitches."
This is obviously not a love song. Laudie calls the strippers bitches several times in the song and rappers as if he's never seen so many women in his life. He's enticed by the nudity, the powers the female body has, and the fact that he can spend as much money as he wants to get entertained by it.

"I'm in that mood for real." Even more, in Stripper Bop Laudie says several times, "I'm in that mood for real." You already know what that means. He wants to fuck. The song is over the top.

This song also does something that many other songs that have recently come out don't have. It makes you wonder if the stripper life really is that good. This man mentions paying college tuitions and enjoying watching these women do what they do. From the way he talks, you can tell he's really passionate about it. It makes me ponder on a career change.  I've been practicing in the mirror trying to see if I'm good enough to swing on someone's pole. That's how good it is.

See I call it Where Reality & Fantasy Get Confused because sometimes the lines are blurred. This is one of those posts where the lines get blurred. 

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