Wednesday, July 16, 2014

She's How Old And Still Not Doing What?

Via For Harriet
She's how old and not doing what? There is no house in the near future. The day I get to pack up everything and move to a new time zone is still uncertain. A man for me to hold hostage forever and ever still haven't been found. A career job and career pay still haven't happened yet. There's so much that has been expected of me by myself and others that still isn't happening. Guess whose disappointed and packing on the pressure? 

Wait, I don't want to be a homeowner any time soon. Let's say that again. I do not want to own a home any time in the near future. That would be a huge roadblock and side track that. However, there is pressure on me to look into owning one. 

Remember when I told y'all about the first apartment problems? There was water leakage issue that kept having to be cleaned up and lack caring about my uninvited guests. Then when the lease was close to up I immediately told them I was out, packed up everything, and moved into another place. I just renewed my lease on that second spot. You may say I'm comfortable for the moment, which I am.  However, not everyone is comfortable. I've been getting a lot of pressure to look into home ownership, even if Houston isn't where my heart is and I want to be out immediately. Even though no one is helping me with rent and money gets tight with all bills, food, and emergencies combined, a certain family member has this dire need to force me into home ownership. That facts don't matter.

Plus I also have to continually log on to social media sites to be greeted by pictures of everyone's newborn baby. Everyone. Every single one. Well, some are a woman's grandkids, god kids, nieces, nephews, etc; Some are random cute pictures people found around the internet. My hormones are jumping like crazy. I can feel when I'm ovulating, which is even crazier because I don't know when that started to take place. Has that ovulation always been happening and a girl just didn't notice? How can I staying concentrating on the success when there's a moment in time every single month where my body speaks to me and says, "Gurl, you better have sex now and don't even think about using a condom. Hurry Up!" Ladies, do y'all hear that too? 

It takes two to make a baby and a village to give a baby all the love it needs. However, with women we just look for that emotional support in the man of our dreams. I just happened to catch a moment of Bethenny show today. It got cancelled, so the reruns still come on. On this particular episode Tatyana Ali was a guess and she mentioned needing emotional support. Bethenny then told her to become a lesbian. So you mean my idea of getting financial, physical, and emotional support is unrealistic? But someone convinced the world that's what I should be waiting for. 

So much is supposed to be happening by this age according to everyone else. I'm supposed to have a family, be traveling as much as I want, have enough money left over to give away to all my loved ones that need help, and be happy. You know, because that's what everyone else does.

Instead I'm a 27 year old that's happily renting, confused about why all these men want from me is sex, continually trying to see how to make these goals accomplishments, thanking God when I just barely pay every bill on time and still have enough left over for food, and finding the ultimate comfort in Kanye West rants. Maybe, just maybe I'm crazy, or this is a perfect example of how life is supposed to be for 27 year old Lashuntrice. 

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