Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chocolate City Movie: Why You Should And Shouldn't Watch It

Chocolate City is out, sort of. Over the weekend it was released in select theaters around the country and on Demand. Out of all the movies featuring Black actors in the last few years, this movie was probably promoted in the most unique way. We didn't see a lot of commercials on television. Instead we had social media postings featuring the men working their beautiful bodies, especially Tyson Beckford. Even though Richard Ri'chard is the star of Chocolate City, Tyson set the tone by doing way more than actors usually do for promotion. However, was the movie as good as we expected?

You shouldn't watch this movie if you're expecting nudity. While watching Chocolate City one question kept popping into my mind over and over again. How do you make a movie about male strippers without the men getting completely naked? Yes, I wanted to see it all. I also hate that whole Sexy Chocolate name. Hello, the main character is light skinned. There is a way better stripper name for him. 

However, you should watch if you just want to admire beautiful Black men. You know how some movies have those story lines that by the end of the movie really doesn't matter? The story line for Chocolate City doesn't matter? The family is poor, but they don't seem to mind being in that situation. The men in the strip club is all that matters. There's Ginuwine's character. This is a spoiler, but he does a routine to his song Pony. There's Tyson Beckford, who acts as if Richard Ri'chard's character is his competition. Then there are a couple other men gyrating for crazy amounts of money. 

Almost every scene dealing with the male strip club makes this movie worth watching.