Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Love of A Significant Other Vs. The Blogging Life

Does the perfect family life equal keeping all of yourself away from any kind of spotlight? I once watched this movie that ended with a girl making a choice between her online blog and living her life happily ever after.

The movie starts with her starting up a blog in an attempt to document her life. What she consistently writes about is her sex life. She reveals everything. She reveals her family issues, the men her mom deals with, and the men she's hooking up with. She spills out every detail of what is occurring in her life. What she does leave out is everyone's real name. She changes the names of the men and their occupations. Towards the end of the movie she realizes she is pregnant with a man she has fallen for. The problem is he's married and wants her to have an abortion. She spills this out on her blog and also reveals that she spoke with a professor who convinced her that she needed to stop blogging. He said in order for her to live a normal life she needed to abandon her blog. The professor was actually the owner of a bakery but she listened to him. She didn't get the abortion. Instead she wrote one final blog post and disappeared. She didn't even reveal to her mother where she was going. The movie ends with her mom writing a post on her blog that begs anyone that is reading to help her find her daughter.

I can't remember the movie, but I can remember that it never gave us an insight on what happened after she quit blogging. Did she living happily ever after with the father of her child? The professor/bakery owner said hiding her life from the public was the only way to happiness. Did she live happily ever after as a single mom? What happened with her love life?

There's a never-ending trend with us women writers. As we spill bits and pieces of our lives onto platforms, many of us end up going to bed every night by ourselves. We're single and we struggle with getting into relationships. Some of us struggle with keeping a man in our lives if we haven't already known him for years. Then again, this could just be my life and a few other women I know.

I've always wanted to be a writer. As a kid, it really didn't matter what type of writing I did. However, at 28 I'm deeply in love with my very own website where I put my very own thoughts. It would be hard for me to give this up. I would hate the option of having to choose between a beautiful family or continuing to express myself on a public platform.

However, as a woman addicted to typing up those thoughts and pushing the publish button, would you give it up for your dream man?