Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#LHHATL Khadiyah Spanks Young Joc/ Remember The Players Club Scene?

First we find out that Young Joc sucks toes during foreplay and then Love & Hip Hop reveals that he is also into spankings.

It all started when Young Joc's 4th baby mama, Sina, was hell bent on proving to Khadiyah that he's a cheater. A foreplay video was handed to Khadiyah and she was pissed off. She was so pissed off that she decided to tie Joc to the bed, torture him with the video, and torture him some more with chocolate covered strawberries. It gets better. K was so angry she decided to spank Joc too.

Well after releasing all of that anger K seemed to be satisfied and oddly enough Joc seemed to be very turned on. He's such a nasty freak. There's a lesson in this. You can't make a freak feel bad about his actions. Your punishment will only turn him on more.

This all reminds me of the scene in Players Club where the police officer gets a spanking for not paying attention.