Friday, May 1, 2015

Trina Braxton Is A Single Woman, Happy May 2015

There are some times we can celebrate a divorce and this is one of those times. Trina Braxton can finally mingle with all the sexy middle aged men, or be a cougar if she wants to go that route. Back in April her divorce from Gabe Solis was finalized.

All fans of Braxton Family Values are cheering. We watched her train wreck of a marriage go on for too long. They were married for over a decade, but by the time WETV cameras starting giving us a huge glimpse into their lives, it was obvious Trina was playing herself by staying with him. The man cheated on her more times than she could announce while cameras were rolling. Then to make matters worse, when she was going to divorce him the first time something happened and she gave them another chance.

Although their marriage is over and she can finally start having some real fun, we are still going to be able to see their disastrous divorce process when the new season of Braxton Family Values comes back this month.
Anyway, maybe this also means Trina can finally focus on getting an EP done or a really good album filled with at least 15 songs. We need the music. Since she doesn't have a song that would line up with this celebration, lets dance to the rapper Trina's hit song Single Again.