Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everyone's Broke, According To GoFundMe

On the main page of GoFundMe you can find people asking for money for everything from funeral payments to family trips to Disney World. Throughout social media links to the site are scattered everywhere. People are asking for help with their hospital bills, rent payments, to get their Uber money back, and even to help them self publish books. Does this mean everyone is broke?

While we can never be prepared for the death of a loved one, we can be prepared to take a cab ride. We should have an expectation of how much that cab ride is going to cost before we get in. We should also make sure we have the money to cover it. However, with the invention of a ride called Uber, some people aren't calling regular cabs. They're calling these Uber rides in attempts to save money. Uber is generally paid for before the person enters the ride, but in some cases the person paying may not actually check the cost. That is where GoFundMe comes in. Within the last year women have been creating pages to help pay for their Uber that somehow ended up costing them hundreds of dollars. Why did they not see this coming?

Then there are books that haven't been created yet because of lack of money. One upon a time I had this dream of becoming an author. Back then it seemed like the majority of people my age hated the idea of reading. As I grew up I discovered there were actually a ton of people just waiting to write stories that others would buy. In 2015 some people with dreams of becoming an author aren't waiting for others to buy the book. They are instead requesting money to make the book happen. Publishing does cost money, but does this mean that these people are broke?

This is a time where having the nicest of everything is valued. We have to have nice clothes, be able to watch the best of television, have a nice place to live in, drive the nicest cars, food on our plates, get good sleep, and have no debt to our names. Yet, at the same time there are a lot of people begging for money though funding sites like GoFundMe. Something is wrong.

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