Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let Me Love You Down (Poem)

Let me know what you think of my poem. The photo was randomly chosen from Instagram. 

Let Me Love You Down (my poem) 

It never really mattered that much to me
That you were way too dumb for me
I could tell you didn’t read
At least not my work
Not that into creative thinking
Unless someone inspired you deeply
And not too worried about worldly problems
All that ever really mattered was
You were a sexy ass man
Remember that time I caught your attention?
You already had mines
I had been obsessing over your looks
The fact that God had given you the perfect skin color
And he was whispering in your sleep
For you to keep those abs up
I imagined you naked long before I requested pictures
And unlike other men, I knew you’d send them
I knew that I probably couldn’t handle you
You’d be way too much for me
Too handsome, how many women are checking for you?
Easily deceptive, are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?
But the time has come
And although we’re not meant to last
Let’s do this right
Love me down and I’ll do the same for you

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