Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vivica Fox, The Woman That Keeps Getting Her Feelings Hurt

By now everyone has seen the Watch What Happens Live video clip of Vivica Fox insinuating that 50 Cent is gay and Soulja Boy could possibly be his lover.

She tried to justify her theory by pointing out a XXL cover they were on together. That particular magazine cover was released in 2010. The allegations started after Andy Cohen asked her about her thoughts on 50 Cent saying there was too much gay stuff on the Empire show. Everyone was shocked by it, especially since earlier this year Vivica was calling 50 Cent the love of her life. By the way, they dated 12 years ago for a couple of months, so those must have been a terrific couple of months for her. 

If only the messiness could have been left on Bravo TV, but it wasn't. Before the show was over, 50 knew what had been said about him. Soulja Boy also heard that his name was brought up into the drama. Soulja Boy immediately responded but 50 waited a couple of hours. 

Once he did get started with the insults, it seemed like he would never stop. 50 didn't just insult Vivica though. He used editing apps to make her look bad and reposted memes others had made. Since 50's sexuality was put into question by one of his exes, he couldn't go easy on her. 

The lesson in this messiness is not that 50 Cent can fight back though. We all know he does not like being insulted or questioned in any form. This is all about Vivica and setting herself up for pain. 
Why did they break up 12 years ago? Clearly the relationship didn't work out. Earlier this year when she started talking about him being the love of her life, his response wasn't exactly friendly. That should have been the time that his name never came out of her mouth again. However, it did and it is clear that Vivica set herself up to be hurt again. 

This isn't just some random person throwing up memes on the internet. This is an ex-boyfriend that her feelings were so deep for that she's still talking about him over a decade later. 

If a dude I used to be with put up those kind of memes and videos, I'd be somewhere crying right now. I'd want to lock myself in the house for a week straight, except to go to work. I need to get those dollars in order to have a place to lock myself up in and cry in for a week straight. I would be absolutely devastated that a man I had feelings for came for my self worth with the cruelest of words.

Why do we women set ourselves up for this kind of pain? Next time you think about that ex-boyfriend that it absolutely did not work out with,  think of Vivica Fox. 

 BTW: look for my book, Woman Manifested, to come out soon. 

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