Thursday, November 19, 2015

Using The Cheating Pass Is The Problem, Not Having It

Several celebrities are bragging about having the option to sleep with someone other than their significant other when they feel the need to and the significant others are giving them permission to cheat.

The current conversation started with Toya Wright and her husband Memphitz. On a new television show that helps couples through their divorce process, it was announced that Toya had been giving Memphitz eight hall passes a year to sleep with however many women he wanted. I didn't watch the show, but from the conversations around the web she wasn't giving herself the same luxury. The idea of having a cheating pass shouldn't have erupted from this couple because clearly it wasn't working for them. They're getting divorced.

However, it did and a new woman decided to add her input. That woman is the comedian Mo'Nique. Mo'Nique stepped in to announce that she and her husband give each other cheating passes. This is her 3rd marriage. I guess it is working for them because he manages her career and they don't seem to be having any relationship trouble. There is one huge reason why the cheating pass works for Mo'Nique and her husband. They have the rule, but they don't actually use it.

Having a cheating pass is like hall passes in grade school. Starting 8th grade year I really hated school and one of the main reasons was hall passes. Although hall passes were there, the teachers didn't actually want the students to use them.

The summer before that school year I started my period for the first time. I was still getting used the fact of bleeding a whole 7 days out of every month and then I had to deal with the stupidity of getting permission to use the restroom while in school. That year I started at one school which was a little relaxed and transferred to another with some crazy rules. The new school was much stricter when it came to the correct clothing and getting to class on time. How was I going to manage when it came to those days where I was on my period? I couldn't go to the bathroom in between class periods and make it to class on time. That time in between classes was only five minutes and a girl who wants to be clean has to take care of herself. So there came a day where that five minutes really didn't cut it. I needed that damn hall pass to go to the restroom. It was a heavy flow day and I knew it would be bad if I had to wait until class was over. For some reason that stupid ass teacher wouldn't let me out of the classroom and by the time I did go to the restroom it was bad.

Wait, hall passes are actually important in school, but the point is teachers don't actually want the students to use them. Cheating passes are similar. Cheating passes give the allure of freedom. The pass is supposed to give the idea that either significant other can explore others without feeling guilty. However, in reality the pass should not be used. At least, my significant other shouldn't use it.

I'm a woman that highly values my body and there are too many risks with multiple sex partners. There's way too many risks with having multiple sex partners and my partner having multiple sex partners too. STD's could happen and accidental pregnancies. Some men tend to get comfortable not using condoms with any woman if their main woman allows them to not use one. Oh, and the major reason utilizing that cheating pass wouldn't work is because I'm jealous and I would want to know every single detail about the other woman that he cheated on me with. I'd need to know about her health wise and what she is mentality offering him that I'm not.

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