Thursday, April 7, 2016

About That Free College Education Bernie Sanders Is Promising Us

If you're a little bit older than me or a little younger, think back to anywhere in the last eight years of graduating college and job searching. Do you remember that moment of walking across the stage? Do you remember finally receiving your degree in the mail, sharing it with family, framing it? While being exciting about your degree, do you remember how many jobs you applied to before someone finally agreed to interview you for a position? Now we're getting somewhere.

I graduated college in spring of 2010 and was not hired for a job until the spring of 2011. Then when I finally got that position it was a minimum wage position. No! Not the $15 minimum wage everyone is talking about. That number doesn't exist yet. I started out at $8 an hour working for this small company that did most of their business online. Just in case that surprises you, it was a part time position too.

Does that sound like fun to you? Well, it wasn't the story for others that I knew. They didn't settle for those part time jobs or the full time jobs paying minimum wage. They went back to some university, maybe the same university, and got masters degrees. Why go for a higher degree? Well, news reports were all saying the economy was in terrible shape, so word around the world was a bachelors degree was as significant as a high school diploma.

Fast-forward to six years later. The economy is better. We have this presidential hopeful that people in their 20's and younger seem to love. His name is Bernie Sanders. His wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders, is the former president of a liberal arts college that is lacking the funds to successfully focus.  You can fully research that yourselves.

What do people like about Bernie? Well he has this "Feel The Bern" campaign that makes a lot of promises. He promises the idea of $15/hr minimum wage. He also promises higher taxes on the wealthy and lower taxes for the rest of us. However, the biggest promise he's making that people love is free college education. We all know expensive to be smarter, so he's made some people believe college can become free. You can read all about his plan to make colleges and university free here.

So imagine if college is made free. Despite the economy being better, there are a few things that have changed. Bachelors degrees are still practically equivalent to high school diplomas. Even for those people who graduate now and look for jobs, they still have to take extra tests or get that masters degree in order to make some real money. By real money, I mean pay bills, live comfortably, and feel free to have some fun on the side.

Now think about the following questions. Just think. What will become of higher education if it's free? Does this free number include masters degrees and PhD's? Will people with these free degrees be taken seriously at all?

See the way our government is set-up it is highly unlikely higher education would ever become free, but what if it does happen?

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