Sunday, April 10, 2016

Complicate #WYAOApril

It started with regular friend requests on Facebook. There was a time before networking on Facebook with people all over the world became popular. It was a time before you could be connected to your favorite author, singer, or even actor. During this time it was about having online friends from different colleges. Even more it was about having cute online friends of the opposite sex. It was about finding people from your past to get re-acquainted with.

There was a time where everyone was joining Twitter out of curiosity. It was new, fresh, an online world worth exploring. It was a little serious, a lot of fun, and the perfect place to start networking with likeminded people.

By the time Instagram came along social media was already a mess. Follow for follows were already heavily talked about on social media. The media brands were expected to get all the attention while others fought to get follows. By others I mean those of us who have been thinking of creative ways to get our talents noticed by the rest of the world forever.

By 2016 this shit is more complicated than anything else. There are follow for follows where at least one person isn't actually going to follow back. They are just trying to build up their numbers. There are PR brands all over social media now, but they barely know anything about the clientele they're trying to pull.

There are tons of Facebook requests people are sending out to get their products noticed. I've started rejecting the requests because the advertising becomes overwhelming. Then there are others complaining or belittling them for trying to better their lives. Unfortunately in an attempt to chase my dreams, I've become a part of the advertising crowd.

How do we succeed in all of this mess? Oh yeah, we wake up Monday and go through our daily routines hoping we don't zero out our bank account before the next paycheck.

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