Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Blogger Is Trying To Elevate Her Financial Status

Earlier this year this blogger group  started a "No More Broke Bloggers" challenge. So one of my goals has been to elevate my financial status. The following is why it needs to be elevated.

Every year at my job we get a little raise, but this year it definitely wasn't enough. My insurance went up about $15 and I got car insurance in my name. Before March the insurance was in my dad's name and he was getting tired of me being under his name. He had expressed it on several occasions. I told him as soon as I could get my furniture all the way paid off, I would take on the new responsibility. Why does my car insurance and renters insurance combined cost more than those furniture payments did?

On top of that (in stupid judgement) I allowed the Sprint person to convince me that upgrading my iPhone was a good idea. Now my phone bill is higher and I have to wait a year and a half until I can decrease this shit. Plus I have two lines, which means I'm making monthly payments on two phones. Both are a year and a half away from me being able to get out of the contract and pay my way out of payments plans. Essentially my bill went from $90 after taxes with one phone line to $160 after taxes with two phone lines and payment plans. Yeah, I was real stupid. Also, because I'm paying $160 there is no insurance on each phone. If one breaks, I'm using the other number for the duration of the plan.

Oh yeah, I also have this credit card that I've charged up too high and now I'm tossing too much money toward paying it back down. What I initially did with the credit card is I'd charge it up to a certain amount with stuff I couldn't immediately afford and then I'd pay it all the way off with tax returns. My very first tax return from this currently down was almost $4,000. It decreased a little the second year, but I was still able to pay my credit card all the way off again. However, the last few years my returns decreased to $1500 and my emergencies became expensive. Like car issues expensive; and dentist appointments to fix problems because I hadn't been in forever expensive; and sliding energy bills onto my credit card because with heat the bill goes way up and I still want to use extra money in my paychecks to eat and have some fun on the side.

Wait, life is expensive. I have this bills and I live by myself, but I dream of become a wife and mother. I don't want to be one of those women who walk into the relationship with barely anything while he's taking care of us both. And babies are expensive. Children are expensive. Teens and college are no joke when it comes to financial dependence.

After saying all of that, I hope you understand why I'm jumping on the "No More Broke Bloggers" challenge. Now, how exactly does that go?

My first plan in this challenge was making money from my "Woman Manifested" book. The goal was to make one minimum wage check ($450 or lower after taxes) before putting the promotion to rest. However, I made $150 in one month and no one has purchased the book this month despite a large amount of people telling me they will get a copy eventually. Lately I've just been taking pictures with the book just to show off because it's clear the ones clicking the "like" button on posts aren't about to do much more. In fact when I write my second book I'm not even encouraging people to purchase it. I'm just going to take more pictures to show it off to the world.

Currently I have no more ideas of how I could put more money in my pockets, but the plans will eventually come. I just have to keep trying new ideas until something works.

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