Monday, May 25, 2009


Don't be a bitch if your actions don't back it up..

Women, sometimes we tend to complain about not getting certain attention, affection, a man, etc...But then we turn around and do not show in actions that these types of things are what we want..

Example of the moment:DAISY OF LOVE

In case no one knows this woman originally went on Rock of Love to try to win Brett Michaels heart. In the end, he did not want her, so VH1 gave her a show of her own.

This show has had several episodes and I've watched a few of them. I watched last night's because there was a skunk running through the house and I've never even seen a skunk near any house before..

But back to the each episode Daisy has a distinct pattern..she relishes on the attention she gets. Then some guy tries to have a real conversation with her and while this guy is talking she's thinking about only kissing him or she's just ignoring him. Then later on the guy gets mad and realizes he's not being respected and then she's upset because she feels no one is taking her seriously..

Well, HELL YEAH these men are not taking her seriously because she is not taking herself seriously. She's not acting like she really wants a relationship with any of them. She's just thriving off the attention she's getting from them.

Well, she's not acting serious about wanting to find love and none of them are acting like they really truly want to love her..

So, women if you feel passionate about finding love or anything else that can apply (ex:a job, car, house, etc.) act serious about it. Don't play games and then get confused when others get tired of you..
Don't be a bitch if your actions don't back it up

Copywritten by Lashuntrice Bradley

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