Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today Tyra Banks did an episode whic featured a group of married women and a group of single women. Each group argued the points of why it's better living life the way they do..
I have to say the person who argued their point the most was this single woman. She saw getting married as being submissive and being afraid to spend the rest of your life alone. She rolled her eyes and gave a mean look everytime a married woman made a point. This woman had her mind set to live the rest of her life as a single workaholic..

There was a couple at the end of the show. This man and woman was set on not having kids. The woman said she knew at 10yrs old she didn't want kids. She said she had been to several doctors over the years trying to get her tubes tied, but no doctor was willing to do the surgery on her. Finally, her husband went and found a doctor who was willing to give him a viscetomy....but there's a twist. This couple has two dogs, which they gave human names...

So, this is my evaluation (it may be wrong or it might just be right)...

If you're single and you say you don't want to have children, but you have some kind of animal for a pet...STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. If you named your dog Christina you're treating it like a child. If you're fertile go on, have sex, and have a baby. It's so much better than having a dog or cat that cannot even speak to you but will still cost a lot.

If you are single with no pets and have a good job, but you find yourself working 20 hrs a day when you only need to be there 8 and your work load may only keep you there at the most of 10, then STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. You're lonely so you're using your work to ignore it. You don't have to be that way. Go out, socialize, fall in love one day, and start a family. You are the only one stopping yourself.

If you are single and you use the excuse that children cost money and you can buy so much more for yourself without having a child, then YOU ARE SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH...You are only thinking of yourself. Hell, someone spent money on you when you were growing up.

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  1. (This is Jessica) HA!!!! That is true...but some people just do NOT have the parenting gene...You don't want somebody who has to get sloppy drunk to have some chilluns right? I'd much rather they forget to put some kibbles and bits in a bowl than to forget to but dinner on the table...

    And PETA and ASPCA (sp?) do a better job of rescuing abused animals than social workers do with kids most of the time...and they go to better places when their rescued.

    But I do agree.