Thursday, May 21, 2009


A lot of people say GO HARD OR GOME HOME...

Well, when I think about it if you go hard then aren't you going home at the end of the that I mean if you don't go hard (give your all) won't you be at a loss...

A home is a place that you can go to relax. You feel comfortable and you can think about all that you have achieved. At a certain age you're even going to that lovely family you've created and is inspiring you to continue your journey of hard work..

A house on the other hand is just a place where you rest your burdens for a little. You go there to sleep, eat, relax a little (only a little cause you're reminded of your problems), and get ready to leave again to continue your day to day activities..

So, I think the say should be GO HARD AND THEN GO HOME...
That way you can celebrate your hard earned work with those who care..

I know, this is crazy..but if you understand my mind then it makes perfect

Here's a nice song to listen to

A House Is Not A Home by Luther Vandross

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

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