Friday, May 7, 2010

10 Conclusions About Males

The more I think about relationships, the more I realize there's so much more to learn about males. However, I have come to a few conclusions about them. Let me know if I'm wrong.

1. The majority of males are lazy. They do not like to chase a woman. They don't like to put in work to get her. They don't want to hear anything about spending time with a woman, taking her on dates, or even being chivalrous. They don't even know the meaning of chivalrous. If a woman is not interested in a man at first glance, he's not interested in her either. They give up easily.

2. Men do not like their women easy. If a woman is easy a man does not mind sleeping with her, but he doesn't like her. They sleep with easy women because they get horny. As long as they are horny, they will sleep with easy women. They won't respect those type of women though.

3. Most men don't respect easy women. They don't respect women that are hard to get either. They just lack respect.

4. Men like to respect women when women demand respect from men. Demanding respect from men is the key.

5. When men say that women get on their nerves they are lying. If we really got on their nerves they would completely give up on us.

6. Men are sensitive. They like to be treated like babies. It's in their nature.

7. To #6 however, men like to be providers. If they are lacking in the amount they can provide to a relationship, then then it will show in their ego. When their ego's are not in tack they tend to revert to #1.

8. Men are protective. Whether you are the main chick or the sideline chick, if you play the weak role your man will come to your rescue. This falls in line with #7. Men have to know that they need to provide for you. Even if it's providing protection, they need to know. If  women don't let men know, those men forget to provide protection, look to your for protection (#6), and eventually become lazy (#1).

9. Men will act the way women expect them to. If a woman thinks a man is a hoe, he will act like a hoe. If a woman thinks a man is a gentlemen, he will treat her like he is a gentlemen.

10. Men are faithful. As hoes, they are faithful to their hoe-ing. As gentlemen they are faithful as gentlemen. They take their titles seriously.

More to come...

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