Thursday, May 27, 2010

For The Love Of-- Poem

My latest Poem

For The Love Of
By Miss Too Sexy

Before you start reading...
I'm not a hoe.
I'm more like a lost soul trying to find her way home.
When I was young I was told that home was in the arms of a man who would love and cherish me. He would respect me and always want to see me happy. The only rule was to love myself first. Respect was my key to success.
I was sheltered,
Lied to
Told that as long as I stayed true to myself life would always be perfect.
Meaning I could live out the dreams that a smart girl like me is capable of
And still manage to have some guy meet me and magically fall in love
I could play a little hard to get
But he wouldn't mind cause he'd be down for the chase
But then I woke up and realized...
Chivalry is dead
And men are waiting in their beds
Staring at the phones
Waiting for girls to call
They woke up one day and decided they were tired of courting
In fact they flipped it and called it trickin'.
Who wants to trick someone?
They released their control
I was caught off guard
But I decided to give it a try
Control the game
But trickin' is addictive
I couldn't just get one on my roster
I became a full blown pimp
I wanted love
Still do
That's why I say I'm not a hoe
More like a lost soul trying to find her way home
Wanting to fall into the arms of the one who loves me
But since every guy wants to wait for my phone call
Stay in their beds
Call their boxers the new panties
And since for some reason I'm addicted to the dick
The power that lies in it
The power that the men have forgotten they have
I continue to mess with them
I drop one for another
I can't help it

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