Monday, May 17, 2010

DJ Too Sexy-- My Line Name

Every girl wants to belong and sororities usually give girls that opportunity. However, not every girl is able to pledge and not every girl who expresses interest gets accepted.

I never expressed interest in any sorority, but I always thought of being a part of one. I just didn't know which sorority I could fit into. Well, recently the perfect sorority presented itself to me. It was in a music video, Rasheeda's Bedrock video to be exact. You can watch it at Bedrock Remix Official Video.

Rasheeda and the rest of the girls in the video were in a sorority called Boss Bitch Clique.
Rasheeda's line name was Boss Chick.

 Toya's line name was Gumbo Baby.

 Lola Monroe's line name was Queen Bossett.

 Diamond's line name was 32 Flavors.

 Kandi's line name was Candy Gurl.

 The names are interesting, right?

If I were to join I'd be DJ Too Sexy.
On the other hand there's no doubt that they would want me.

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