Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Biggest Pet Peeves

Whenever I step into a situation I feel innocent. I feel like it's my first time handling any kind of responsibility. It actually forces me to work more cautiously, but it makes me vulnerable. It forces me to be more emotional when something goes wrong. I hate it.

Feeling innocent and vulnerable are some of my biggest pet peeves. They leave me susceptible to caring about what others think. When I care too much about what others think I allow those people to control my life. It sucks because all of my goals depend on others opinions.

One day I will figure out a plan that will allow me to become successful and at the same time not hear a word that comes out of anyone's mouth (if it isn't positive of course).

Now although this next song is about love, you can take issues with love and tie it into other factors in your life. Plus, I'm having an Alicia Keys moment.

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