Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why We Broke Up

The title is a trending topic on twitter right now. Some people are spilling their guts out about why they broke up with their exes. Others are simply joining the conversation to tell people to get over their exes and move on. While we should all get over our past, some people run away from their past without ever getting closure. Well, many people are getting the closure they need by replying to the topic. I know because I read some of the responses. I could feel the emotion. I even thought about joining in, but it was hard. Since it was hard to do it on twitter, I'm going to attempt to do so now. Here's my personal #whywebrokeup tweet to all my exes.

Dear exes,
We broke up because none of you were good enough. You knew what I wanted when you met me. You knew where my heart was. I wanted love, compassion, a significant other. I wanted a man that would complete me because I knew I would do the same for him. I was nice, caring, gullible, easily used and you took advantage of it. You came into my life saying you wanted to be with me, but then you showed you weren't ready. You were too afraid to put a title to our relationship, but yet you didn't want to let me go. Some of you lied and some of you were brutally truthful. Either way you hurt me and I had to let you go. I had to say goodbye because you did more damage to me than good. I did damage to you too. While you were leaving me in confusion I was taking away your dignity. That's why we broke up. It's been a while since we talked. I hope all of you have gained your dignity back.

Miss Too Sexy

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