Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freedom (2011 Poem)

I'm trying to get out as much about love, so one day I can actually be ready for it. So check out the following poem. I wrote it today.

He has nothing to do with poem

One day I’ll set you free
You’re not happy I can tell
But I can’t let go of this unhealthy obsession for you
Your big brown eyes
The smell of your cologne 
The feel of your skin against mine
Your hugs and kisses
The moment where I can tell it’s me you miss
Unlike other men you have a drive
Plan A, B, and C
And rejection doesn’t hurt you

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I’ll stick by your side
You’re not a doctor yet
Too long before being a lawyer is confirmed
There’s no money in being a 21st century artist
And the industry keeps shutting down your rap style
As hard as I try the sex is never good enough
The cooking sucks
And the bills keep piling up
I don’t even live with you
But you feel trapped
You’ll never admit it though
Never show emotion
For as long as I hold on you will too

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I can’t let you go
Don’t know when to let go
But can’t sleep in an empty bed
Can’t forget the man that changed the thoughts in my head
Made me believe in love again
Too poor for 5 star restaurants
But just good enough for picnics in the park
Gave fake flowers cause real ones die anyway
Admitted it was about more than sex
The chemistry was too strong to ignore
But now the chemistry is gone 

One day I’ll set you free
You’ll finally be happy
But not in the arms of me
With some other girl maybe
Or perhaps you’ll be one-deep
You’ll have a smile on your face
Created from success
You’ll have made it in the world
People will finally care about your words
But I won’t be in the picture
Your memory of me will be gone
Cause all I do is hold you back
Remind you of what you don’t have

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I can’t 
Don’t know if I can manage on my own
Lonely is scary
Don’t know if I’m ready for that road
So one day I’ll set you free 
But for now bear with me while I hold on. 

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