Sunday, July 31, 2011

He Didn't Lie (2011 Poem)

He Didn't Lie 
(This was inspired by a conversation)

He didn’t lie 
His chivalry just died
Impressing used to be his high
He’d get high off his woman’s happiness
The way she smiled when he opened doors
Her surprised face when she received flowers
Dinners and movies 
Late night walks in the park
Early morning wake up calls
And if she didn’t like it he’d find out what she did like
Cause making his woman happy was his style
He didn’t ask for much
Maybe some respect in return
Responses to his texts and phone calls
Good conversation to keep up their vibe
Lots of hugs and unlimited kisses
A woman who looked fine all the time
Took the time to look good just for him
And if she didn’t cook 
He wanted her to pick out the best restaurants
A man’s gotta eat and a woman’s gotta feed 
Real love
That’s what he wanted
But somewhere somehow in some strange way she messed up
And her mistake was unfixable 
So when he said he was a good man
But wanted you to come over to his house 
Instead of hitting the movies to show off his new cutie
And in the middle of watching cartoons when he put the moves on you
The scenery was all wrong but the mood was just right
You felt that connection but also felt some kind of way
When you slept with him anyway 
And in the end he told you that you were special 
He didn’t lie 
He meant every word 
And when he said he was unlike any other man 
He was speaking the truth
In his past he tried to impress
But eventually started feeling like he was being used
He didn’t lie 
He used to be one of a kind
But since his chivalry died he looks like every other man

1 comment :

  1. yup but he's still suppose to feed u. an pickin out the restaurants. all u gotta do is say no wen its no and yes when its yes. she just messed up by forgetting her no.. and then he couldnt trust her