Monday, August 1, 2011

This Girl Needs A Miracle

It's Monday and all I can think of is receiving a miracle. It's long overdue. That miracle needs to come in the form of achievement of goals, getting to networking events, moving to the perfect place, and gaining a love life.

Miracle In Traveling
In 2012 I plan to be at the National Association of Black Journalists conference, bloggers conference, and the National Black Book Festival. While one was easily achievable this year, doing all three next year will take a miracle. Two of them cost money I'm not sure I'll have to spend. Those two are the NABJ conference and the bloggers conference. Neither will be in the same state that I live in, but both are very important events that I must be at. On top of those my best friend will be graduating with her second masters in Hawaii. It is something I must attend and the millionth time she's asked me to visit her in Hawaii. The other times I rejected the invitation because of money issues. See I'm trying to speak all of this into existence, but that miracle will have to happen for them to happen.

Miracle In Moving
For as long as I could remember I've wanted to leave Texas. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this place for all the people who love to call this home, but for me it's becoming irritating. I want my own space in my own space somewhere far away. It's hard to explain, but I will have a peace of mind when the goal of leaving is achieved. It's going to take a miracle for it to happen though.

Miracle In The Love Life Area
The men seem to become more and more charming in words, but more and more lazy in actions. The last guy that I even tried to get out of the house turned my invitation down and then sent something a week later that made me fall apart internally. I shouldn't  have been so surprised since I already knew his ways, but.... Yeah! What I need and want is a man who cares, listens, doesn't criticize, respects, and is willing to offer protection to me. I'm so vulnerable emotionally and not even family can or acts as if they want to help.

Sometimes life can seem like it's totally crazy and a miracle is out of reach. I know I'm not the only one that feels like this. Think about it. What kind of miracle do you need or are you waiting on?

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  1. im excited to see what 2012 will bring you, but I also think great things are in store for the rest of 2011 :-)