Thursday, August 11, 2011

Those Niggas Sat On The Throne Together (My Watch The Throne Review)

Have you listened to "Watch The Throne" yet? It's Kanye West and Jay'Z's new c.d., which dropped on iTunes Sunday night/Monday morning. This c.d. is huge for many reasons.

One reason is it has 15 songs. The majority of singers/rappers put (at the most of) 12 songs on their c.d. Two of those songs are usually bonus tracks, which means you pay for 10 songs. Another reasons it's huge is because it's the only c.d. in the the past five years that hasn't leaked before it officially came out. Beyonce's 4 C.D. even leaked weeks before the actual release. The final reason is because those niggas Kanye West and Jay-Z actually worked together to make this C.D. happen.

When is the last time you heard of two rappers doing something together? Just think about the name of the album. It's called "Watch The Throne." It hints that Jay-Z and Kanye West are at the top together. No rapper has wanted to be at the top with any other rapper for a while. Some examples of rappers fighting for the throne are below.

Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean
Technically sometimes Chris Brown can be known as a rapper. Earlier in the year Chris and Frank had a little twitter war. It was the weirdest shit cause it actually started with a compliment from Chris. However, Frank Ocean was too dumb to understand the compliment or even google what it meant, so he responded with hateful words. See, niggas can't even be nice to each other without one of them getting the wrong idea.

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

I'm just playing.

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule
This is a real beef. At one point Ja Rule ruled the music scene. Every song on the radio was a Ja Rule song. He was on Jay-Z status, except lacking in a few Jay-Z funds. Then 50 Cent decided to hate on him. Somehow someway in some weird way 50 Cent was able to knock Ja Rule off his throne. For real, he did a serious disappearing act from the music scene. Last I heard all Ja Rule was capable of in 2011 was going to prison.

Tupac vs. B.I.G. 
Neither of them got the throne. Sad tragedies.

I could name more, but you get the point. Kanye West and Jay-Z really collaborated to get this album out. In the midst of putting it together they supported each other and praised each other's talents and hard work. But they didn't do it all alone. They had many other niggas, or should I just say talented men working with them. A few of those names are Pharrell Williams, Kasseem Dean Mike Dean, Russell Simmons, and Frank Ocean.

I wanted to point all this out because many people have focused on what Kanye and Jay-Z did not do. Supposedly to some the lyrics were very typical and unoriginal. To others Kanye and Jay-Z shouldn't have been bragging about money while our economy is falling apart. To many Kanye just came off as cocky as usual. However, the whole point of the album wasn't just about putting out quality music and bragging about money.

It was about showing that a couple of niggas could make it to Paris and sit on the throne together.

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