Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clothes Do Wonders For The Body (Getting Carried Away)

Jean Addict
(This Is Going To Be Short)

Yesterday I went to Kohl's and allowed myself to get carried away. It's been a while since I purchased some jeans, so I bought 3 of them. They were long and flared (the best style). Along with that I bought a dress and several shirts. By the way, the dress might actually be a shirt that is just extra long on me but no one would know the difference. After picking up several articles of clothing (I didn't even try to pair anything up), I quickly ran to the cash register to keep from spending all my savings. Well I'm lying.

Everything was charged to the Kohl's card. In the past I've been scared to use anything that has credit in front of it, but not anymore. The Koh's card was put to use. Well, this isn't the first time it's been used but it was actually all the way paid off before the shopping trip. After getting the receipt (and enough temptation to go back in a week), I grabbed the big bag of clothes and drove home. As I drove home a few things occurred to me.

  • Spend Money Just Because 

One is spending more money doesn't change a situation. It just delivers a temporary fix.

  • Don't Expect Change And Don't Give Change

Another is you can't change people and people can't change you. I know a few people that wish they could put make-up on me and pick out a whole new wardrobe for me, but at the end of the day they can't.

  • Do You Love Your Job

The third is really a question. How many people are really working jobs that they don't love? There's a rumor that the majority of the world is not doing something that benefits their long term goals (or they've just given up).
the business look

  • Embrace Fashion 

The last (but not really final thought) is clothes do wonders for the body. Basketball Wives taught me this. No matter how ratchet those women get, they are always dressed to impressed. Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams has the best style out of all the women. Shaunie O'Neal makes simple look great and Tami tries when she wants to. Royce has the perfect style for Royce (people need to leave where she shops alone). Suzie...well I've never paid attention to her clothes. Am I forgetting anyone?

People always talk about how the way you feel on the inside is important. Well, you get judged by how your physical features first, so embrace looking good. Get carried away and shop. I might have a problem, but there's no reason to solve it.

(Was That Short?)

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