Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Conservative Lie (Who Said We Were Liberal?)

There's this big myth about black people. It's been floating around since the beginning of time. I'm talking before slavery times. This myth, or should I just say lie, involves all of the issues that black people supposedly support. Those issues surround abortion, drugs, government checks, rap music, and being flat out lazy. For some reason whenever these issues come up the black population becomes the representatives for supporting them. How did that happen?

Recently a brave white man called our president a tar baby. Some of you are thinking WTF, but I'm over it and I'm pretty sure President Obama is too. However, this man's meaningless comment sparked some anger in several Obama haters. (I noticed this conversation via Facebook). These Obama haters declared how no one should show racism or flat out disrespect to anyone (even though they've been flat out disrespecting Obama since he became president). Below are a few of their crazy (stupid) comments.

Sooo we calling Obama Tar Baby now....geeesh that is crossing the line! Then he gets called boy.....I'm disgusted--Conversation Starter much as I detest Obama, I would hope fellow conservatives would respect black conservatives enough to refrain from those terms. I am so thankful for black Americans who are coming over to our side (conservative) and I hope it will make a huge change in urban America.-- Commenter One

I am shocked!
That was bold and showed racism at its finest. Like I said before as much as I do not like obama I do not tolerate individuals who use his skin color against him. I've said this time and time again.....-- Conversation Starter

‎@lashuntrice...Why do you hate your fellow black Americans when they decide to smarten up and leave the white liberal plantation? The Democrat party has exploited the black vote and your people since the 1970`s. NONE, I repeat, NONE, of the promises they have made have ever come true period. You are being used my friend.-- Commenter One
(Did I mention he was white?)

One of those Obama haters mentioned how he was proud that many black people were escaping the liberal side and becoming more conservative. Apparently on some poll that I don't feel like searching for many blacks are becoming Republicans. However, I couldn't help but think "what they hell" because clearly this person does not know what they are talking about. Black people have been the most conservative people since forever. There are many facts that prove black people are conservative.

There's this myth that abortion affects the African American community more than anyone else. Maybe that myth is there because the majority of blacks are Democrats, which automatically make them a supporter. However, blacks aren't those ones going out and getting abortions the most. Yes, we're having sex and yes babies are being produced, but the ones getting the abortions and getting rid of the unborn children are non-blacks. Reality is as African Americans we've never had money lying around for abortions and when we did have the money we chose to keep it and have the child.

Plus, if we were getting a million abortions there would be no need for us to always be on government assistance and there would be no myth that blacks always have children.

Government Assistance
A part of being conservative is learning how to keep food on the table, keep the lights on and cable working, take care of the children, and be able to make time for yourself. Even before slavery black people would do whatever it took to provide for themselves and they're family. During slavery blacks did whatever it took to provide for others. Since slavery has ended (over 100 years ago) blacks have continued to struggle down the long never-ending road. However, even with all the hard work there's this myth that we're all lazy, refuse to work, and take all the governments money. 

In reality the government takes all our money. We work hard just to see taxes taken out of our checks. Many of us don't even try to get government assistance, because getting government assistance is equal to making little to no money. Grinding was made popular by African Americans. For those that do get government assistance, it shouldn't matter. Government assistance is not an African American problem. There's someone of every nationality trying to get that free money because of hard times. 

However, the conservative lie is that blacks wants free money and never go to work. Ugh!

Rap Music
The conservative lie is all African Americans want to be rappers. I was watching Wendy Williams show one day. Sinbad and his family were the guests. Wendy asked Sinbad's son about his goals and he said he wanted to be in the music industry. Her reply was something like this..."Everybody wants to be a rapper." But he didn't say he wanted to be a rapper. His goals were more on the production side where the real money is. However, rappers are liberal and somehow someone lied and whenever we think of music we think of black rappers. 

Another valuable point to think about is the fact that white males in their teens are the biggest consumers of rap music. This have been proven. With this fact we could also say white males are more liberal than black males. 

Everyone of every nationality has someone in their family that has struggled with addiction. Even the conservative republicans (whites and those who wish they were white) has witnessed the struggled. Stop making it a liberal issue and more importantly black person issues. 

Flat Out Laziness
(Refers You Back To My Government Assistance talk.)

I didn't want to think about politics today, but this isn't a political issue. This is a real world issue and some people just need to get it together. The above are just a few points that explain why black people are conservative, but there are many more. Whether you're republican or democrat think about your values. Then think about the values of the blacks you surround yourself with. What makes them liberal and what makes them conservative? I'm pretty sure you'll realize one outweighs the other on a heavy scale. 

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