Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poetic Heart: Who Are You (2011 Poem)

As I listened to Nas' song "Who Are You" I wrote this. It's a poem, but it could also be perceived as my verse in the song. Check out the poem "Who Are You?" below. 

Who Are You? (2011 Poem)

Who are you 
Trying to tell me what I not
Heard you got your masters degree
Went on 10 interviews 
They all wanted you
Chased you down
Dragged you into their offices
Showed you around
Didn’t have to start at the bottom
You became an executive
Determined to never be anyone’s assistant
No ghetto dreams
In your future only rich people schemes
But who are you 
Trying to tell me who I am
We both started out as seeds
Watered with knowledge
Grew up in the same environment
Went to the same kind of college
Learned about the black struggle
The black president
Also known as the Janitor
The clean-up man
How there will always be white power
At the end of the day the white man chills
Complains others beg for too much change
Now we’re both trying to make it in the white world
And you feel like instead of me they chose you
But who are you
Trying to direct my path
It’s the path least walked on
My struggles nobody
Not even you knows
My dream 
You can’t perfectly perceive
So who are you
You’re at a bitter young age
One day your mind will be changed
Your thinking won’t be the same
That job you’re at will be lame
So at the end of the day 
Your success and my struggles are the same
So who are you 
Trying to tell me what I can be

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