Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Always Remember You Deserve It (Treating Yourself)

Always Remember You Deserve It 

In several of Kanye West and Jay-Z's songs from their album "Watch The Throne" they talk about how far they've come. Well, Jay-Z has a line that says "I'm planking on a million" in the song "Gotta Have It." It's just one line, but it speaks volumes about Jay-Z's career.

First of all the line recognizes Jay-Z as a fun person. Planking is a game that became popular in the United States a few months ago. This game involves a person laying down in a position as if they are dead. While the game may seem crazy to some people, others find it hilarious and fun. Jay-Z happens to be one of those people that love it.

The line also says that Jay-Z is so rich he can relax and have fun with his money. According to Forbes Magazine, Jay-Z is currently worth $450 million. This means if Jay-Z decided to play with $1 million he'd still have $449 million in the bank. Because Jay-Z has worked so hard planking on a million dollars would mean nothing to him. It would be all fun and would not have any impact on his bank account at all. He would deserve to plank on that million dollars.

Okay, just because Jay-Z can play around with more money than many of us will ever see in our lifetime, doesn't mean you can't relate. No matter what it is that you're trying to do, you deserve it.

If you've been working hard for the last five years with no vacation time used, you deserve a break. If you worked your way through college, graduated, and then found it hard to move from your little job to bigger money, it's okay. You deserve to take a vacation and rejoice in your accomplishments. If you used to sell drugs like Jay-Z, then moved up to a legal job, but you're not worth $450 million it's okay. Take a break anyway and rejoice in living a good life where the cops are not watching your every move. Even if you're in the projects living a hood rich lifestyle, don't feel ashamed. Smile because you deserve to have the best and feel happy in your environment.

What do I deserve? Well, I deserve a trip to Los Angelos, California and it will be happening soon. It's the biggest birthday present to date that I'm giving myself and I deserve it. I always have to remind myself that I deserve anything special and you should remind yourself too.

Always remember you deserve it.

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