Thursday, July 14, 2011

That Awkward Moment When You Realize A Relationship Never Began

Warning: I'm about to make myself look bad, but then somehow get my angel wings back again.

That Awkward Moment When You Realize A Relationship Never Began

I just read this post on Very Smart Brothas about the awkward moment when a relationship ends. It was written by Panama Jackson and he gave a very logical reason from a man's point of view. It basically stated that a man knows the relationship is over when he no longer wants to have sex with his significant other. He also stated some other awkward moments during a relationship. However, there was one awkward moment he didn't touch on. 

Well, this awkward moment probably wasn't brought up, because his post was about actual relationships. But this awkward moment is a moment that many people experience. It's the moment when you realize the relationship never began. 

It happens to about 95% of single women.
 You meet a man and the chemistry is great. You two talk for days, weeks, months, or (for some people) years. To all your friends he is your boo, baby, boy toy, man, boyfriend, or even fiancee (with no ring). You make free time for him, cook, do his laundry, and even feed him. You treat him like a king (well as much as you know how to) and you convince yourself that it may just be the "L" word. Well, there's more than one "L" word that could make a relationship exist. You're glowing because of this great relationship that you think you're in until something happens. Someone or some sign lets you know that the relationship doesn't exist.

For some women it comes in the form of watching their so-called significant other flirting with other women.

For others it may happen when they call that perfect hard-to-find man and he says he's getting back with his ex-girlfriend. Well, some women don't even get the pleasure of that. Instead they receive a text message and have to play it off. After all, emotions can't be read through words.

Some women receive the news through friends. It's awkward when a friend approaches a man and he acts like he has no idea what she is talking about. Well, it's probably awkward for the man too, but are more show the confusion easier. 

Other women realize the relationship never existed through silence. A man shows that silence in many different ways. He may start talking to his ex again, flirting with others right in front of her, pretend that he has no clue what her friends are talking about, or totally start ignoring her in public. Have you ever had a man you were with see you in public and ignore you? 

He initially ignored me but then saw my friend, wanted to speak, and then he tried to hug me so he'd seem like a gentleman. Ugh! There was another guy who just stopped calling, but I stopped calling too so it wasn't really so awkward. 

However, thinking you've met a great guy and he suddenly turns into a jackass because he can't recollect any of the special moments you had that should have led to the perfect relationship is just awkward and fucked up. So, have you ever been in a situation where you realized a relationship between you and that oh-so-sexy man never ever ever ever existed? 

(After writing all that I have no idea where the warning label fits in)

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