Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Abandoning The Myths (Love And Relationships)

I just had a whole week by myself. It's too bad that it can't be like this every day yet. At the beginning of this break I was angry. One of the parents left me in a horrible mood, because my actions  just weren't going their way. That anger forced a million thoughts of the past, present, and future to run through my head.

Have you ever just sat and reflected on everything? Do you remember the first piece of advice someone ever gave you and you followed through? I can't remember that far back, but I do know the advice didn't end their. Anyone that has given me advice has always found a way to think up new ways they wanted to influence me. If I didn't listen I was the worse person in the world (to them). Do you know what it feels like to have someone rip you apart for one thing you don't want to do? It feels awful, but everyone that influences you will try to make you believe that it's in your best interest to do as they say. Well have news for you.

Always doing what others say is not in your best interest. Doing what you want to do is what is in your best interest. Sometimes listening to them will only put a smile on their faces, not yours. For instance, someone can convince you that your private place (room maybe) should always look a certain way. They forcefully decorate that area, check up on that area, and tell you what they think you need to fix. Well, you can listen to them, but at the end of the day that is still your private place. Are you happy with that? There are too many opinions and not enough people who want to listen to yours. Follow your heart and shut all the voices out. That's easier said than done.

The "it's in your best interest to listen to others" is just one of the myths that I constantly run into. A few others are listed below.

  • Myth #2 You're Wrong, They Are Right
Have you ever had someone in your life always tell you how are you are what you need to change? Well, this is similar to always listening to others, but not the same. There are some people who always think you are wrong. They think you can't handle finances, don't know how to find a job, don't know what a good man looks like, and can't be alone. An example is in the past week I've had a cousin who made it her duty to check on me every single day. Then she told me that I had to be lying because I brought up that I'd rather live by myself. These types of people never believe anything you say, but remember you are right no matter what the subject is. 

  • Myth #3 You're Still Interested
This is a huge issue when it comes to men. I don't even know how to start it off, so I'll just give you the story. 

I met this guy at the club a month ago and he asked for my number. Later we ended up talking and having a good conversation. He suggested I call him sometime and I actually did, but a problem came up. He didn't return my phone calls. He called a few days later and a nice conversation happened again. Then he said the exact same thing. At this point I was saying okay, but thinking yeah right. However, out of niceness I decided to call a day or two later. You already know where this is going. 

He didn't respond to my phone calls, but persisted to text. I was cool with that, because at this point I didn't want anything serious to happen with him anyway. However, through text he suggested we get together. I don't even remember how I responded, but I knew that would never happen. If he can't respond to phone calls, he definitely probably isn't interested in seeing me. I then forgot about him and decided to focus on other stuff. 

However, the reason this story is part of the blog post is because he text me today and asked when I would be available to talk. I laughed, because I was actually available at that time. However, since his lame ass didn't pick up the phone and call, he had no way of knowing. Actually with the lack of returning phone calls and using text as the main form of communication, he should have realized that his time is up. I'm not interested anymore. 

Men, if any of you fit this description either change your ways or realize that the woman has lost interest. 

Now that all of that has been written I feel a thousand times better. I would write more, but it's Sunday and at least one day of the week we're supposed to rest our very precious bodies. 

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