Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Would You Sex The Man With A Prosthetic Penis?

When it comes to sex, people come up with new ways to be pleased and please others everyday. There's music for every kind of  lover whether it's a one-night stand, short relationship, or you're together for life. There are plenty of sex toys that range from tying a significant other up to sticking something inside of someone. For the women, when the worse and loneliest moments come there's the vibrator.

The vibrator is arguably the most popular sex toy on the market. Almost every single woman has one and pulls it out in those desperate times. However, we all know there's nothing better than the real thing.

It's Broken And Can't Be Repared
There's nothing better than having that readily available sex toy that forms a life of it's own and doesn't need your help to operate at it's best speed. That is a real-life penis attached to a man. An actual penis is better than a vibrator for the simple fact that you don't always have make a man's penis jump at your attention. However, what would happen if you met a man with no penis? In fact, what would happen if the real-life penis was replaced by a prosthetic one? Would you still sex the man with the prosthetic penis?

One of my friends told me that there is a such thing as a prosthetic penis, but it has less energy than a vibrator. By that I mean it does nothing. A vibrator at least moves at your command. The prosthetic penis is just made to be there. So what would you do if you met a man with a prosthetic penis? I would definitely not be turned on, but I would laugh. That man would hate me for the rest of his life, because my laughter would be that severe.

This came to my mind because of the woman who cut off her husband's penis and then tossed it in a garbage disposal. The cutting off of his penis was a very serious matter and I believe she should face serious punishment However, the sticking of his penis in the garbage disposal was just hilarious to me. Panama Jackson's post on Very Smart Brotha's titled Things I Would Rather Have Happen Than My Wang Cut Off was another reason why I laughed hysterically at this story.

Think about it and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 

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