Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Not Show Love To The Black Barbie?

Yesterday I searched through my many lists of blogs to read and stumbled upon several stories about how Lil Kim recreated her black Barbie image from the 90's for her 37th birthday. The story would have been cool if every blog would have stuck to the facts. However, in order to get viewers one particular website put up the title "Lil Kim Fires Shots At Nicki Minaj By Posing As Black Barbie In New Photo." That same website ended their very short article by telling Lil Kim to grow up.

Everything about the way the website presented the story was a hot mess. The biggest part was the fact that it was Lil Kim's birthday. They can say something nice every year about Tupac, B.I.G, and all those other dead people, so they should have showed respect to the legend in the rap game on her birthday. A few other problems I have with the article and how people treat Lil Kim are listed below.

  • Why Tell Lil Kim To Grow?
People always complain about Lil Kim's look. "She's not as pretty as she used to be. She's too plastic. She's ugly. She's old and needs to be thinking about looking like a 45-yr-old white woman who drives a minivan with 10 kids in the backseat." Okay, I never heard anyone make the last comment, but you get what I'm saying. People always want to talk about what Lil Kim needs to change, but why? 

We accepted Marilyn Monroe the way she was. Marilyn Monroe wasn't even alive when I was born, but she's been idolized by everyone for years. She created the many sayings that comforts women and makes them think everyone man is horrible after their hearts have been broken. She also created the first barbie image. She had the big blond hair, shiny red lipstick, and hoe clothes before Barbie was thought of. Overrall, Marilyn Monroe was a sex figure until the day she died. Just like Marilyn Monroe Lil Kim started her career as a sex figure. Just because she's older and her plastic surgery is wearing off doesn't mean we have to diss her everyday of the year, especially her birthday. 
Lil Kim in 1998

  • Why Tell Lil Kim To Change?
The part of the article that caught my attention the most was when they told Lil Kim to grow up. Actually this word is used on a lot of people when they are not doing something the rest of us finds acceptable. However, why do should anyone change? From the moment Anna Nicole Smith stepped into the spotlight she stayed the same. 

If you ignore child neglect, pill popping moments, and gold digging ways Anna Nicole Smith was a saint to most people. People recited the crazy lines she said like they were found in the bible, fantasized about having her figure whether she was skinny or fat, and watched her every move. When she died everyone shed a tear or tuned in to watch her biography. When you think about it Anna Nicole Smith was one crazy ass white lady, but none of that mattered. So, if Anna Nicole Smith could live her life the way she did until the day she died, why are we judging Lil Kim?

Why Connect Everything Lil Kim Does To Nicki Minaj?
You all can do math, right? Lil Kim was born first. She put on the blond hair and blue contacts long before Nicki Minaj knew what a dress was. Nothing about that picture suggested Lil Kim was thinking about Nicki Minaj. The picture was actually a flashback to her earlier days in the industry, but someone had to turn it into something else. 

A better example would be your parents. Don't you hate when people say you look like your parents, talk like them, walk like them, eat food like them, etc? If you don't want to hear that constant reminder that you may just have the personality of someone else, why do Lil Kim like that? Lil Kim has her own plastic Barbie attitude that works for her. It has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj. They even rap differently, so I don't get it. 

After writing all that I want to leave you with this.... I'm not Lil Kim's biggest fan, but I will forever love her because of her unique style. 

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