Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dance For Me (Poem)

Shaquille O'Neil dances for Hoopz
It's been a couple of days since I gave you all a post. At first I wanted to start back with some celebrity entertainment story, but instead I'm gong more personal. Below is a brand new poem.

This next poem is inspired by Beyonce. I started out with Beyonce's last song (with a video) Dance For You and then used other lyrics. However, the poem is not about us women showing off our lap dancing skills to a man. It's about a man showing us how special we are to him. The poem is also inspired by the fact that cuddle season is in full bloom. Check the poem out below.

Dance For Me (2011 Poem)

Tonight you’ll dance for me. 
Figure out a way to cater to my needs
Prepare a nice candle lit dinner 
Treat me to my favorite food 
I heard you want to show me 
How much of a gentleman you can be
1 + 1 = 2
So tonight you won’t be one-deep
Instead we’ll have a countdown
Countless amount of times
Remind me why I’m your baby 
I’ll get spoiled off your loving words 
Beautiful is how you see me
Tonight you’ll give me everything
No more lies
You weren’t at your mama’s house
No more empty promises 
Tomorrow you will take me out
You’ll respect my time
So by tomorrow you’ll have me looking crazy in love
Telling my friend’s there’s nothing out there for me
Getting ready to ring that alarm
At the thought of you with another girl 
You’re not the only one that’s insecure
So tonight you’ll dance with me
So by the end of the night 
I’ll know why we’re meant to be 
Until the end of time
Tonight you’ll dance for me. 

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