Friday, December 23, 2011

When A Man Complains About Sex~ Zane's Advice

Did you know that Zane Strebor is more than an author. She's more than some woman who sits around creating these great sex scenes for her millions of fans to read. She's also more than a mother and wife. Zane is definitely an unofficial psychologist.

Most of her advice to people is not even based on sex. It's about love.These people are asking very deep questions. People ask for advice on their relationships, abuse, faithfulness, and being unfaithful. So Zane dishes out her advice on how they can handle their love lives.

Within the past few months I've noticed a heavy trend with men. This trend stems mostly from single men, but there are some in relationships complaining. Their complaints revolve around sex. They have these perfect ideas of how their sex lives should be and most of them say that if a woman doesn't fit the description they will move on. Well, one very cocky man recently decided to ask for Zane's advice on his woman's horrible sex game. While asking for advice on what he should do with her, he also admitted to cheating. Well, Zane gave the perfect response to him. Read it below.

The following came from the fan page of the author Zane:

Dear Zane,

My wife and I have been together for 3 1/2 years, married for 2, but for as
long as I can remember she has never really done anything in bed. Her sex
game has become horribly bad. She does not try to be sexy at all and when I ask for some head, she acts like it's a task and she's never made me cum off the head. She just doesn't try. When I want to have sex, it's like a big deal
and she comes off like she doesn't want to do it. Most of the time I feel
like I'm taking pussy from my wife cuz she doesn't want to fuck me, so I
cheat on her every chance I get. I'm a very handsome man with a Dick to
die for and a stud-like body. Other women will go as far as paying for it. She has no clue that I'm fucking around. I don't even try to make love to her anymore cuz of the hassle she gives me. What am I to do? I really don't want to cheat on her but my needs are not being met at home and there are so many women out here who would love a man like me.

What's a Man to Do

Dear What's a Man to Do,

You need to divorce your wife and let her find a real man. You and your dick to die for need to be single so you can worry about your true priority; getting your billie sucked. Not once did you mention love. You act like your wife is a piece of ass and your sex slave. No wonder she is not feeling you like that. She comes off like she doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to do it. I can only imagine the nonsense you must spew at her in an attempt to get her to submit to you. I am willing to bet you that she knows you are cheating. You men are not as slick as you think and if you are nailing chicks right and left the way you imply (every chance you get), then she surely knows. So you expect her to lie in the bed with you and act excited when she knows you're a low down dirty dog? All I can say is good for her!

You say that her sex has been bad as long as you can remember. Yet, you married her and promised to be faithful. Why? Is getting head and being buck wild in bed was so important, you should have never exchanged your vows. I am willing to bet chicks are putting condoms on you before they hum on the mic either. You are not cheating simply because of what you're wife is doing. Don't put that shit on her. You're cheating because you are a man whore, talking about chicks would be willing to pay for it. How do you know that? Never mind; I already know. Your wife might be naive but games recognizes game and I know this one as well as I know how to play spades. Stop being a fake player and divorce your wife so you can get you one of those leashes that say "Bad to the bone" on them and hit the clubs every night trolling for some coochie. Crazy part is, you'll end up missing your wife after you get tired of sleeping with a bunch of thirsty, hard up chicks.

Oh, and another thing. You are probably sleeping with numerous women instead of one because a lot of them are not checking you for seconds. If your wife is so bad in bed, you should've been concentrating on enhancing your sex life with her. Remember that a real man is not one who has had a thousand different lovers but one who can make love to the same woman a thousand different ways.


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