Thursday, December 29, 2011

Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder

Last night I was bored and flipping through channels when I stumbled upon this show. It was called "100 Orgasms A Day." Some men dream of giving their women unlimited orgasms, but the women on this show were mortified at the word orgasm. They hated the thought of even feeling any type of sexual arousal. The thought of the word arousal made these women feel sick. The reason is because these women suffer from a syndrome that causes them to continuous be aroused four days and even weeks. That syndrome is called persistent sexual arousal disorder.

According to wikipedia persistent sexual arousal disorder, also known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome, is a spontaneous, persistent, and uncontrollable genital arousal in women, with or without an orgasm. This is unrelated to feelings of a sexual desire. Physical arousal with this syndrome can last for days and even weeks. Getting an orgasm can temporarily cure the feelings, but the desire will return within hours. When the symptoms return they are sudden and unpredictable. They can be triggered by anything, such as riding a bike, driving a car, going to the bathroom, and even doing laundry. Over a period of time some women suffering from this syndrome can even lose the desire to have sex with their significant others because being aroused becomes associated with being in pain.

Interesting, right? That's what I thought as I was watching "100 Orgasms A Day." The show featured three women. Each woman suffered from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, but they all handled it differently. The first woman, Gene, was tired of sex. She saw anything sexual as horrifying because of her syndrome. She even admitted to having up to 10 orgasms in one hour and only stopping because she was completely exhausted. In order to fix the problem she'd seen multiple doctors to figure out how to live a normal life. Other than seeing doctors she became heavily focused on tasks in order to take her mind off of being aroused.

Then there was Rachel. Rachel said just doing laundry was a tough task for her because the vibration of washer and dryer aroused her. There was also another woman who was suffering. She was married, but she forced her husband to sleep with their son, because the persistent sexual arousal syndrome had gotten so bad that she didn't want to touch him. However, at certain times she did need to masturbate to make herself feel better.

Our world thrives on sex. Sex sells clothing, music, and food. Sex also allows us to dive deep into our imagination to create great nights with significant others we care about. But what if you were always aroused. What if you were able to have up to 10 orgasms an hour without anyone helping you? 10 orgasms may sound good, but to not be able to control those orgasms or stop the arousal sounds exhausting.

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