Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is An Ex Manager Entitled To Current Money? Tami Roman

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman is being sued by her former manager.

Should an ex-employer still take taxes out of your current paycheck? Is a parent still entitled to feed their 30 yr-old child just because the child is hungry? Should your former manager still expect to get paid for current jobs? Tami Roman's former manager thinks so.

Jerry Silverhardt, Roman's former manager, claims he helped her get her role on BBW's but has not seen a paycheck since he was fired. He claims he was paid up until season of of BBW's, but has not seen any money from season 3. He also claims Roman verbally promised him he would be paid 10% of what she makes until season six of the show.

The problem with this case is as a manager Silverhardt should know to get any future promised money written down in a contract. The reason he may lose and Roman will win is they no longer work together, there's no contract, and you can't get paid by a person that no longer works for you.

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