Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Case Of The Bag Snatchers, Hawaii's Beginning

After an eight hour flight it was vacation time. Upon stepping off the plane I immediately called my friend who was waiting to pick me up. We met and greeted each other at the carousel so I could grab my bag. It was an emotional moment. After years of living in two different places we would finally be able to hang out again. But the best part was that I had so many new items of clothes and shoes to show here.

"You'll love my never before worn Michael Kors shoes."

"And I have a lot of shirts and shorts with tags still on them"

"Plus there's a ton of bathing suits that I just bought."

She smiled in anticipation of starting out the plans for the week. However, we could not leave the airport until my bag came.

"It's a bright red bag. It definitely stands out in the crowd."

There was a bright red bag that kept going around the carousel. However, it was not mines. I knew it was someone else's. There was a big pink red tied to the handle and someone's name was on it. In the end it was the only bag left.

We quickly ran to security.

"My bag never came down the carousel. It is missing."

They checked the other bag and my claim ticket. Luckily they had the other person's number on file. Two phone calls later and my bag was found.

In anticipation of their vacation someone had grabbed a bag with someone else's name on it by mistake. If a phone call would never have been placed they would have made to to their hotel to find lots of new clothes they could not fit. They were on their way to the hotel when the phone call was made an luckily they wanted their own bag back. However, it would take approximately seven hours from the time I landed to get bag back.

Vacations are a huge gift from working super hard, but be careful. There are some people who are so ready to experience a quick fairy tale that they grab whatever bag they see first. It's not done purposely. They are not mad at the world. They are just trying to get to their destination so quickly that they don't even check for a name. Then you end up standing in baggage claim going "Where is my bag?"

I received the bag finally, began wearing lots of cool summer clothes, and had a whole lot of fun. This beginning did remind me to be extra careful next time. Or maybe be extra hype and grab any bag upon exiting the airport for my next vacation.

Don't go anywhere. You will read more about this trip.

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