Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Styles To Steal, Kelis And Lil Kim

Kelis was recently spotted in this great frame-fitting Asos dress. This dress is the epitome of the color trend that will be heavily seen this summer. I want it. Where does a poor girl like me get such a great dress? Oh and someone needs to let Kelis know that I want some shoes like that too. Do they have them in a size 6? In other news Lil Kim has my attention in fashion too.

Recently Lil Kim started the Return of The Queen tour. This tour consists of her performing all of her classics, but the classics aren't the only part of the tour shining. Lil Kim is heavily showing off her style in fashion and a recent body suit she wore really screamed out to me. I want that body suit from the New York performance Lil Kim. I tried tweeting her for the whereabouts of the outfit, but like all other "celebrities" she didn't reply. Oh well, (in my Azaelia Banks voice) I'm going to steal lil Kim's fashion choices and not give her credit. That was a joke. 

I'm working on changing my look to fit that of a rising star named Lashuntrice. It started with cutting off all my permed hair. While natural  hair is a trend, it is also true that none of  us has the same texture and the originality is still there. Then it continued with new clothes. For the Hawaii trip I spent more money than I ever dreamed of on cute outfits and almost sent myself into an overwhelming coma. That is not over yet. There are so many clothes to be bought just so the world can know who I am and what I stand for. 

To show how you are on the inside, you have to first fix your look on the outside. I'm working on that. 

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