Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day From Far Away, Sunday Reflections

I'm taking a moment from my break to bring you another reflection on a Sunday. This is going to be a rushed post so bear with me and enjoy my quick thoughts.

So months ago I planned this fabulous vacation to Hawaii to be with a best friend for her graduation and birthday. That's where I currently am and it is fun. You will read about this great vacation soon. The only problem came weeks ago when I realized my fabulous vacation fell right on Mother's Day.

This means my mother would have to imagine how much my love for her stretches because she's not going to physically see it. No, we are not seeing each other today and only God knows if we will be speaking to each other. There's a five hour time difference. It would be easy to analyze activity times if I were good at math. However, I'm not so my mind will not think about the best time to call.

This is also the first Mother's Day since I moved back to Houston that I am not spending with her. If you've been following my boring story over the years you know I'm definitely trying to experience life in a new environment. In order to accomplish this goal I need to find ways to not be up under anyone in my family too much. That includes my mom.

While this vacation took me away from a special day for her, it is also helping me get closer to accomplishing my goal. Accomplished goals and lots of fun equals a happy daughter. That's all a mom ever really needs anyway.

So I'm celebrating Mother's Day from far away. Despite an earlier sentence in this post we will speak and I will say nice words to her. How are you celebrating?

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