Friday, May 25, 2012

No Dinners Or Gifts, He Never Did That

Before I start the post Meagan Good is saving her goodies for her wedding day. Her preacher fiance has not felt the power of her cat yet. At some point in time a while ago Ms. Good informed the public that she was taking a vow of celibacy. But then again maybe she is saying that celibacy thing now. She's sticking to her word and will hold onto it until her wedding night. Actually he'll be her husband so she will have no reason to be playing the celibacy card anymore. Okay, now for my story.

He had promised me dinner. Actually, this guy had been promising me some kind of treat for a while.

It all started a night when I wanted to go to the movies and he wanted to chill. He claimed he was broke, so I offered to pay for his ticket. I did pay, but the voice inside of him kept forcing him to make promises of paying me back. I continually refused his offerings of paying me back, mostly because he never had any real plans of how he would do it. Well, during a night of hanging inside of his house, he came up with a plan.

You probably thought I was going to say hanging out. Nah, read the title again.

His plan was a free meal for himself and paying for me to eat something. His job had given him one of those $25 cards to some (okay, not good) restaurant. Initially I refused, but he commanded me to accept. This is kind of what he said.

"Tomorrow after work I will take you out to eat at (forgets name of place) and you will be happy to go."

His command turned me on. This was mostly because the guy was a huge nerd that always seemed to act like a huge nerd. I love nerds for their intelligence, but men will some roughness are always sexier. Always. It should have excited me though. Again, he was a nerd and not even the Steve Urkel type.

That was not the first time he ever claimed he wanted to do something for me. There was a time when he brought up some perfume his mom liked and he thought it would smell nice on me. There was another time where he brought up some drive-in movie that still exists and claimed he would love to take me there. Just like the dinner, none of the other stuff happened.

The night the dinner was supposed to happen I called him an hour before the time he'd told me to be ready. Instead of answering he ended up texting me back saying he was doing laundry. That sorry ass guy never planned to take me anywhere that night. Instead he cared more about getting his laundry done, if that was the truth.

See, I don't like men that lead me on. My dad, Tommy, taught me how uncool that is. Right before I graduated high school I called him to invite him to my graduation. Without telling him a place or time, he told me he could not make it. No hesitation was in his voice. There were no promises of being there. He let me know straight out it would not happen.

However, some of these niggas my age and even older need to learn the art of saying exactly how they feel. They have to stop leading us girls on with false promises. But on the other hand maybe he did all those false promises because he had already had the kitty.
See, I held off for a minute and then had sex with him. No real friendship was there. No title was there either. Nothing was really there except sex. Remember I did say he was a nerd, but I like my men a little rough around the edges. Meagan Good didn't have sex and her man is about to put a ring on it.

This either means I should hold off on sex until a ring is put on my finger or stop dealing with men that's not my type.

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