Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lil Kim Is "Countin Money" In Her New Song

Lil Kim is counting money in her new song (freestyle maybe?) and I don't know how she made it. We all know that Kimberly Jones has been performing in the most hood spots. I guess those are the places to start when you're trying to make a comeback. Anyway, her new song "Countin Money" has dropped right at a good time.

Why is it a good time? Well, months ago Lil Kim performed her Valentines song "If You Love" and the fact that she tried to sing made the song trash-able. However, then came a song called "Keys To The City." This song had rougher lyrics that reminded us of the Kim we all used to love. Plus "Keys To The City" is getting some actual radio play. Radio play for that song means "Countin Money" could be a hit. Listen below. 

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