Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Music Usher Looking 4 Myself CD

Usher's Looking 4 Myself is finally out. I'm two days late, but $11.99 on time.

It's a quiet Thursday night. The day has gone pretty well. The little bit of music I've heard has been intoxicated.

Lyrics from "I Don't Like" keeps randomly float through my brain. Thoughts of getting a "Refill" of anything and a certain someone keeps crossing my mind. Sike, there's no man.

The only thing that went wrong was I left a good half drunken soda at work. It will be there tomorrow.

The world is peaceful, except for the dose of reality television I received. It was an episode of WE TV's new show LA Hair. That show is my addiction, but something's missing.

I receive a text message from my best friend. She brings up Usher's new CD. Oh No! I forgot all about it. She likes it for the most part, so I quickly download. I'm listening now. So as I float in peaceful harmony I'll leave you with this quote...

"How can someone hurt you, but also make you feel so good?"

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