Friday, June 1, 2012

A Lesson In Patience And Love

Earlier one of my favorite authors, Darnella Ford, posted a very inspiring message on Facebook.

"True story: Two days ago, I decided to make my boyfriend an AMAZING dinner (Darnella in anybody's kitchen is its' own miracle). Initially, all was fine...then half-way through the process, somehow my meal imploded AND exploded in the oven, fire alarms went off, house filled with smoke and neighbors ran onto the street to evacuate the building! Boyfriend arrived, only to be greeted by me with a child-like expression, a fire extinguisher and smoking dreadlocks!!! He looked at me and said, "Thank you baby...but I will take it from here!" And he scooped me up in his car (smoke and all) and took me out to dinner! Morale of the story: Sometimes...even the best of plans for your meal AND your life get burned to the ground before anyone gets a chance to see your brilliance!!! It is the INTENTION that life honors, not the outcome. If you can keep your heart pure and intentions sincere...LIFE will show up at your door in your 11th hour crisis and say to you..."Thank you baby...I'll take it from here!" GOD/LIFE/SPIRIT ALWAYS HAS YOUR BACK!!!"-- Darnella Ford

I know the message was about patience and happiness, but she made me realize something even more. While I have to be patient, there is a man out there who will come to my rescue and be patient with me. At least I hope there's a man out there that will pick up the pieces when I burn our dinner. I can't cook. Hopefully there's a man who will be willing to make me smile when I can't figure out a reason to smile. There definitely has to be a man who will take in all my craziness and love it, right?

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