Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Reflections: No More Goals Until...

I accomplish the ones that have already been created. Chris Brown created a goal of doing no interviews for 2012. So far he hasn't spoken with any media outlets and it's working for him. It's keeping him out of mainstream media. The blogs are still covering Chris Brown's every word. The man tweets too much, but that's not that point. Chris set a goal and he's not breaking it, even with an album coming out in July.

I'm trying to be the same way. I have to set these goals and accomplish them without any distractions. Last weekend on a Saturday night I walked into a club solo. Going out had been a goal for a while, but going solo never crossed my mind. The music was good and the people seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was weird for me though. This is mostly because if some strange man came out of nowhere, I had no friend to run to. I made it through the night though and realized I can do this again. Getting out of the house more is no longer a goal. It's a continuous accomplishment.

But wait...

The only problem with creating no more goals is my current ones are huge and not set in stone. There's New York, but it requires careful planning. Then there is becoming an author, but I don't know who will buy my books yet. There's also being someone's protege, but it requires heavy networking. And the list goes on and on.

I did learn something recently thanks to a friend. Whenever my New York trip happens, I have to learn to blend in as much as possible. I'll have to learn the ways of New Yorker's and then fit right in during the visit. Damn, was that another goal?


  1. We all have goals in life even if we don't meet the mark at a certain time. If we keep pursuing our dreams and keep working at it, good things come. Goals never go away.