Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All About Hollywood Exes, Forget The Other Reality Shows

Hollywood Exes episode one has hit the internet. 

Actually all of these reality shows are dominated by ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, and women who wish they were exes. But that's not what this post is about. There's a new show with a title that gets straight to the point. It's called Hollywood Exes. 

You won't find women you dated basketball players or football players on this show. You're not going to find mistresses on this show. Instead you'll find real hardcore ex wives of men you actually know to be famous. 

There's Andrea Kelly, who is also known as R. Kelly's ex-wife. However, according to Mrs. Kelly, no one knew who she was when her and Robert were married. That's crazy. Everyone knows women are the backbones of their husband.

Then we have Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy's ex-wife. Other than once being married to Eddie Murphy, we also know Nicole for her great body. This woman has had five kids and looks like that. WOW!

We are also being introduced to Jessica Conseco, Jose Conseco's wife, and Mayte Garcia, Prince's ex-wife. I'm guessing Jessica is on here because Jose Conseco is not afraid of being in front of the camera with her still. Now on the other hand Ms. Garcia is interesting because I keep forgetting Prince is capable of a relationship with women. Forget his music and look at him. 

Anyway, I'm watching. My obsession with R. Kelly drags me to be curious about Andrea. However, these other women will be sure to spark my attention. So far it doesn't seem as messy as these other ex-wives shows. If you want to see it, watch below. 

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